A quality, an aptitude. Literally, the quality of stability, of perdurability. In practice, confidence, attention, effort, wisdom. Today, technology helps us to be more precise, to combine solidity and flexibility, using our experience as iron workers to provide useful ideas in any industrial area requiring linear displacement. Since 1810, several generations of BAZUS have grown through the working of iron as forgers, iron smiths and machine manufacturers to become the leading manufacturers of coordinate tables, striving always to develop technically advanced, easy to handle products. This way of being and working has allowed us reach more than forty countries throughout the world.

  • Company Profile

    BAZUS, S.A. was established in 1810 and has evolved with the market and technologies to offer flexible, unique solutions for today’s industrial market in order to become a world leader through its skills, innovation and know-how. Its clients include not only the leading world manufacturers of machines and mechanical devices, but also Technology and Research Centers, Universities and companies in the automobile industry, Military and Defense, Aeronautics and Aerospace, Telecommunications….

    The growth in demand has led our company, BAZUS, S.A., to carry out high investments in R&D to create new products and solutions adapted to today’s industrial scenario, growing not only in product portfolio, but also in sectors and types of clients who currently trust in our products and in our capabilities.

  • Tradition and Innovation

    • Complete program
    • High quality stabilized cast iron
    • High quality requirements
    • Special care in the usability

    MANUAL Units: operated by trapezoidal spindles and dovetailed guides. 0.03 mm general tolerance.

    AUTOMATIC Units: where high accuracy & feed is required. 0.01 general tolerance.

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Manual Crosstable

  • Using the robust BAZUS design the range of manual coordinate tables are operated by trapezoidal spindles and dovetailed guides. Made from high quality stabilized cast iron, this product range comprises doubles axis (XY) with fixed or rotary basis (GIRO), prepared for drilling operations (DRILL). All tables equipped whit manual hand wheel, chromed nonius and lock system in each axis (to block the table in work position). General tolerance 0,03 mm.

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Automatic Crostable

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  • Wide range of robust automatic slide units designed which high quality requirements and special care in the usability of the CNC KINEMATIK, which is very easy to use and easy learn, reducing the labour cost at start up. All elements guaranteed by the world leader trade mark BAZUS. DRILLING, automatic, crosstables synchronized with drilling heads or existing drilling machines; WELDING, ur
    linear slides can reach 20m/min. suitable for welding applications; GRINDING applications where high accuracy and repeatability is needed; ENGRAVING Max accuracy and repeatability to reach high technical requirements (1 micron)…

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  • Thanks to the modularity of the BAZUS Slide Units we can create any combination to reach the best solution for each requirement and each application.
    Our experience in different industrial scenarios and our wide range of standard slide units allow us to create any combination: from multiple axis, linear or rotary units, to synchronize our systems with any external device.
    Our multidisciplinary & professional engineering team is specialized in ad-hoc solutions: we offer our knowledge and experience in developing any crosstable “to do all you can imagine”

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Our experience as partners in outsourcing by acting as subcontractors supports our customers to find always the best choice thanks to our «Net Value». From single units to large runs BAZUS subcontracting covers all stages and adapts to enable work with a number of different materials. We are able to machine aluminium, stainless steel, steel, castings, plastic, titanium, hardened steel, brass, and copper.
Technology & manufacturing: We offer our experience with more than 25 years developing industrial solutions. More than 5000m2 equipped with latest technology in machine-tools, modern production systems and software tools that allow us to create or improve any manufacturing process: from single units or prototypes to big production.
Design: Flexible & agile Technical Office, with capacity to combine all accumulated Know-How with the new ideas of the state of innovation.
Prototypes manufacturing, test-stands for results validation, machine-tools & accessories, customized machinery & special devices.
Electrical & software: Electrical wiring, electrical panels for command and control, standard & special panel boards, Automation control panel, Software development…

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Why companies trust in BAZUS?

Crosstables to do all you can imagine.

  • Tailored solutions for each customer

    Customers and applications are never the same. Even not similar. All are different. Every client is unique, and we know better than anyone. We offer the solution that best suits to each of them, making everything work perfectly.

  • Efficacy and design in your hands.

    We offer to our customers the simplest & efficient solution for any market requirement. Our customers demand: quality, reliability and innovation.

  • Quality and reliability

    Quality is the basis of our design and our product planning. More than 25 years of experience. Solvency. European manufacturers. Experts in linear movement.

  • Durability

    Manual and automatic tables. Thanks to its robust technology, high quality iron and our practical Solutions. Crosstables to do all you can imagine.

  • What Clients Say

  • Flowdrill

    BAZUS is the official FLOWDRILL partner for the Spanish market.

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  • Paso

    BAZUS is the official PASO MASCHINENBAU partner, leading german HSC Machines manufacturer.

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