During last years, our experience and know-how has united us with other world-leaders in a common sphere of interest, especially in the promotion and diffusion of their products and services in the Spanish markets.


  • BAZUS is the official FLOWDRILL partner for the Spanish market. Thermal friction drilling and thread forming: A Flowdrill uses rotational speed and axial force for a local creation of frictional heat. It plastifies metal materials and forms accurate bushings in between seconds, with multiple length of the original material thickness.

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    BAZUS is the official PASO MASCHINENBAU partner, leading German HSC Machines manufacturer: The PASO HSC machines achieve outstanding positioning accuracy of ±4 micron with ±2 micron epeatability, making the machine ideal not only for mould & die work but also for super precision electrodes and intricate precision engineered components, as well as machining fibre and graphite, other non-metallic materials like plastics, acrylics and glass and the full range of prototype, model and pattern making materials.

    HSC machines are also capables of running 3D feed rates up to 30m/min and acceleration/deceleration rates of up to 2g (20m/sec2). The HSC range is ideal for machining both hard and soft steel mould and die tooling.

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